Special Theory of Relativity Formula

E=mc2 E = equivalent energy m = mass in kg c≅3×108m/s According to Einstein in Quantum fields which carry a certain amount of energy. In an empty space, the amount of energy gets larger as the fields get large. Hence energy and mass are equivalent.

Power Factor Formula For Single Phase

PowerFactor=TruePower/ApparentPower cosϕ=R/Z PowerFactor=119.365W/169.256VA PowerFactor=0.705 Cos45.152degrees=0.705 Here, it is noted that single phase power factor is less than 1. Note: For a purely resistive circuit, the power factor is 1.

Hubble’s Law Formula

Hubble’s Law Formula is given by v=H0r Where, H0=Hubble′sConstant km/s/Mpc v = Recessional Velocity km/s r = distance of a galaxy in Mpc